My Life


 Phil's new Wheels  
Installing Helibars on my Honda VFR-750
High Above Silicon Valley
Bellingham ski trip 2008  
Kayaking with Janna  
Bellingham house 
Orcas Island biplane ride   
Ham radio antenna for AE6K  
PAARC (W6ARA) Field Day 2009  
Motorcycle Trip to Bellingham  
Long-range WiFi antenna  
Power supply for 1936 HRO radio  
Calmoto BMW swap meet (2010)  
Seen at the motorcycle show  
Sumas motorcycle ride (5/2010)  
Motorcycle trip to Redmond, OR  
Motorcycling around Washington  
KLR-650 custom windscreen  
Riding to San Juan Bautista for breakfast  
1976 BMW R75/6 Motorcycle Restoration
International Guitar Show 2012 
Fly fishing the Methow River area 
Comparison of Canon S90 and S100 cameras 
Fly fishing in British Columbia and Twin lakes  
Kokanee on Lake Padden 
Comparison of Canon S90, S110 and 40D 
Fireball in the sky 
HDR photography