Canon Camera Comparison (10/2012)


Here I am comparing the Canon 40D with 17-40L lens, the Canon S90 and my new Canon S110.  The first three photos were taken in the Automatic mode (green setting).  All of them activated the camera's flash because the room was dimly lit.  The second three are in the creative move ("P"), with the ISO set at 400 and the automatic white balance activated (AWB).  The cameras were on a tripod for these shots.  The photos were moved into Photoshop and sized to a height of 900 pixels for this presentation. 

The wall is the background is supposed to be a light brown color (The S110 inauto mode captured this color most accurately). 







Below is a comparison of four images to demonstrate the effects of using a circular polarizing filter (CP) and the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature of this camera.  The final photo is a Photoshopped version of the CP-HDR image.  It has a slight "curves" adjustment and a bit of sharpening.