Sumas, WA motorcycle ride (May 2010)


We had a beautiful sunny day here in N. Washington state today.  I fired up the Kawasaki  KLR650 and left Bellingham at about 9:00 and headed east on Mt. Baker Highway to Nugent's Corners. From there I went north on hwy 9 to the border crossing at Sumas, WA.  Then southeast on 547 and 542 completing the loop in Demming where I stopped for some breakfast.  After that I returned on Mt. Baker highway, stopping at my favorite local winery, Vartanyan.  I bought a bottle of red wine and took a photo of their new plantings with Mt. Baker in the background.  Heavenly.


Sumas, WA.  About as far north as you can go in the USA unless you head up to Alaska.



Crops around Sumas include blueberries, hay and various vegetables.  There is also a pretty good dairy farm and cattle industry.  The mountains to the left (north) in this photograph are over the border in Canada.  The closer ones to the left are in WA.



Along Mt. Baker Highway



Mt Baker Highway again.  This photograph was taken along Demming Road, Mt. Baker in the background.





New vines planted on this hillside on the Vartanyan Estate winery location.  Not a bad view to wake up to every morning.