Fly fishing trip to Eastern Washington (Methow River area)

Here are a few photos from my first fly fishing trip.  It was organized by the 4th Corner Fly Fishers, a club in Bellingham, WA.  The trip was to the Methow River near Winthrop, WA.  A four hour drive along the Skagit river on the scenic North Cascades Highway.  This road is closed in the winter, but offers great scenery in the summer months.


Washington Peak, the "American Alps" region along the North Cascades Highway (Rt 20)



Diablo Lake from an overlook along Rt. 20


Arriving in the booming metropolis of Winthrop, WA




Here's a shot of the tent at the campground in Winthrop.  Sid was my mentor for this trip.  He knows everything about fishing.


A  few miles from Winthrop, was my first  stream fishing place.  Caught about a dozen Brook Trout, and released them all to enjoy the rest of their day.






I took a side trip to the Tonasket, WA area, about 100 miles east of Winthrop, to pick up a small boat for lake fishing.  It is made by Jim Wheeler at his little shop called Spring Creek Prams.  Excellent build quality.  It weighs 70 pounds so I am able to lift it up on top of my Jeep alone.



Maiden voyage for my pram was this peaceful  lake, about an hour east of Winthrop.  Beautiful alpine lake.






I also spent some time fishing at a little lake near our campground.



Driving back to Bellingham after the trip I stopped to take this photo along the Skagit river.  This river is well known for large (20+ pounds) Steelhead and Salmon.  I plan to fish there soon.