Pacific Northwest Fishing trip, Sept 2012


Northern end of Ross lake, which was formed by damming the Skagit river.  This are is on the US, Canada border and is reached by exiting the Trans Canada Highway at Hope and driving 40 miles shouth on a gravel road.


Ross Lake


The intrepid flyfisher


Fly fishing in the Skagit river, British Columbia


Mountain steam


Were there any brook trout in this "hole"?  Yes there were.  :-)


After fishing the upper Skagit for a couple of days I returned to Bellingham.  From there I took a trip up Mt. Baker highway about 40 miles to the turnoff for Twin Lakes.  Up a very windy, single lane dirt road with multiple hairpin turns.  Beautiful scenery.  Glad I was in my Jeep.




Road started up ok....


Spring mid August.  That's the way it is at high elevations.


Runoff from nearby glaciers.


Tempting to enjoy the scenery, but the higher I went the more I needed to watch the road.


Getting near the 5,400 ft Lakes, the hairpin turns got hairier and hairier.  Plus, there was no going back because it would have been impossible to turn around.




Finally I arrived at the top and was greeted by views of two pristine lakes full off wild brook trout.  Joyous. 


Beautiful.  But as I was fishing it started to snow on me....and I started to think about the "road" with snow on it.  So after catching (and releasing) several trout I headed back down the hill after taking one last look...