Installation of Helibars on my 1996 Honda VFR-750. 
September 2007


Before Alteration



Before Alteration



The lug on the front brake master cylinder must be removed in order to reposition the hydraulic line.



I used a die grinder, followed by a bit of filing to round off the rough edges.



After lug removal



The instructions say to rotate the line by 1" at the base of the banjo fitting.


But that amount of rotation turned out to be excessive. I moved it back a bit after final assembly.



Similarly, the lug on the clutch line needs to be removed.





The line on this side is supposed to be moved 3/8".  About right.




Everything comes off in preparation to remove the triple clamp in order to reroute the throttle cables behind the right fork tube.



Be sure to use a torque wrench when tightening the pinch bolts (17 ft-lb) and steering stem nut (76 ft-lb)


I discovered this dent in the Helibar and later discovered that it provides clearance for the front break microswitch.


The "after" photo looks a lot like the "before" photo. 


The weld quality of the Helibars is superb.


The entire project took about three hours to complete.