Orion (M42)  

Orion (M42) in H-alpha

Trifid (M20)

Lagoon (M8)

Eagle (M16)

Horsehead (B33)  

Witch-head nebula

Nebula IC410   

Flaming Star Nebula (H-alpha)  

Cone Nebula (H-alpha)  

Pacman Nebula (H-Alpha)  

Jellyfish Nebula (IC443) H-alpha  

Flame nebula   

Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) 

Network Nebula (NGC6992) 

Pickering's Triangle  

Hourglass Nebula (M8)

The Swan Nebula (M17)  

NGC 6820  

IC 1311 & 1318 (H-alpha)  


Running Man (NGC 1977)  

M42 Running Man B&W mosaic  

Eagle Nebula  

The Cocoon Nebula






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